Sergeant Slammer Chapin
AKC NP06949503 July 13, 2004.
July 13, 2004. - January 4, 2018
R.I.P Little Buddy. You were my world!

Yepper!!  He was quite a looker. 
SIRE: Sir Handsome Shorty Jennings, AKC NM85343504 (11-04)
DAM: Poopacious Princess Penelopy, AKC NM8356402 (11-04)
At age 13 1/2 years, he weighed 65 pounds. He was the personal pet of Lloyd Chapin of Skiatook, Oklahoma.  Slammer was his call name.  "Slammer" is terminology for a hard and quick parachute opening.   He was super smart and prolly the most loveable and loyal of all former bulldogs Lloyd has owned.  Slammer's bulldog features were immaculate.  Most noticeable were his beautiful eyes and head.  Notice the white eyelashes.  He was friendly to everyone and loved to play.  Although he would tear your arm off if you tried to approach him while he is riding in "Daddy's" car.  He hated it when Daddy put on leather or got out the motorsickle 'cause he knew he wasn't gonna get to go.


Slammer's younger days.



When I was little, they used to dress me funny!

But now, I'm all growed up!

Crap, they did it again! Halloween 2009

Ahhhhh.....Snoozin' with ole Dad.

Let's Roll!!

Slammer and Slyder Video

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